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I’m about to share the romance of pregnancy in a way that might be difficult for those who are trying to conceive or suffered an early pregnancy loss… in the right moment, though, it might help facilitate the grief of those experiences? Just a warning.

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

This is my jam right now. It wasn’t written about pregnancy or motherhood, just a love song, but.. I can’t help but think that it really is about motherhood. There are intimate relationships, and then there’s the one relationship so intimate that it actually involves carrying the other person around all day within your body. We may fantasize about having that kind of intimacy with our lovers, but we can only ever truly have it with our babies.

The video has a lot of parallels to baby loss as well — loving someone who is shrouded, almost as in a dream, then discovering they cannot love you back (“turned to stone”, just like in so many fairy tales, just like in the Bible). And suddenly they’re gone, as though they’d never been there. The only trace is the physical injury, the physical change.
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A woman, big-with-child, sat patiently at the curb in a stiff wooden chair. She sat in the hot sunshine watching the life on the street and guarding within herself, her own mystery of life.

Francie remembered her surprise that time when mama told her that Jesus was a Jew. Francie had thought that he was a Catholic. But mama knew. Mama said that the Jews had never looked on Jesus as anything but a troublesome Yiddish boy who would not work at the carpentry trade, marry, settle down and raise a family. And the Jews believed that their Messiah was yet to come, mama said. Thinking of this, Francie stared at the Pregnant Jewess.

“I guess that’s why the Jews have so many babies,” Francie thought. “And why they sit so quiet…waiting. And why they aren’t ashamed the way they are fat. Each one thinks that she might be making the real little Jesus. That’s why they walk so proud when they’re that way. Now the Irish women always looked so ashamed. They know that they can never make a Jesus. It will be just another Mick. When I grow up and know that I am going to have a baby, I will remember to walk proud and slow even though I am not a Jew.”

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